The old English method of dealing with spare royal brothers I have an instinctive soft spot in my heart for monarchies (or possibly it is in my head). Without going all Curtis Yarvin about it, I do think they are a reflection of the natural order of things in a way that…
I often end up talking about something different from where I started. This is that.
Neither a Nostalgic nor a Progressive be
Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics. Charles Péguy One of the lesser curses of our Age, ranking behind our materialism and worship of…
rough draft—-deleted. Read version posted following ;)
I will be returning home from Korea in the next few days. With the exception of a day-trip to Seoul, I have spent the entire time in the second city of…
A ramble, but I write the way I talk
When I am driving, I most often like to be in silence, alone with my thoughts. But sometimes I will plug my phone in for some noise. About 5% of the…
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